Which Are The Best Dating Site To Get Laid?

Online dating has been around for a while now, with more and more people saying they met their significant other online – with no shame. But with so many different types out there, how do you know which one to pick? Most people will tell you that you have to subscribe to a paid site in order to get real results but you can actually find love without spending a dime. Even if the paid memberships promise some sort of advanced algorithms or more members, don’t buy into it. The best free dating sites are listed here and will be all you need to find a long-term relationship or a casual encounter. Forget the false promises and fake profiles on those paid sites and find love for free!


This free website and corresponding app is one of the best free dating sites on the entire world wide web. Answer a few simple questions, upload a flattering photo or two and you’ll be perusing profiles of local singles in minutes. The site can actually be a bit overwhelming by the amount of people on it so don’t be afraid to be discerning when it comes to who you choose to actually meet in real life. Lots of the profiles are pretty vanilla, so if you’re looking for something slightly freakier, you may want to go elsewhere. But OkCupid overall is a solid dating site that will most definitely get you results. Just be prepared with some excuses in case a date goes south – or is a total bore.

Plenty of Fish

Also geared more towards the vanilla flavors, Plenty of Fish is a free dating site that many consider to be the best – if only because of it’s massive member base. The website boasts over 40 million members and states that they are the only place online that uses statistics as well as algorithms to get folks together. Plenty of Fish is sometimes considered one of old workhorses of the online dating scene, considering it has been around forever. But if you want to have dates – you will find them here. This is especially true for people searching for Mr. or Miss Right, as Plenty of Fish users tend to be a bit more serious about settling down. Want a random booty call occasionally when the mood strikes? Then this is not the site for you.

Casual Kiss

This free dating site is a bit more under the radar but definitely worth a shot. With the majority of its members being under 25, this is sort of the hipster bar of the adult hookup sites. This may also be due to the intimate confessions blog, birthday announcements and other social media type features. The best part of Casual Kiss is that it’s for people looking both for long-term companionship but also random encounters. Simply search for members that are “looking for a quick date within 24 hours,” as this indicates they are seeking one night stands with no strings attached. While this dating site may not last long when facing the giants listed above, but its fan base is loyal so thing really could go either way. At least the website is free – and may introduce you to some people you haven’t already seen on the other sites.


While it’s not exactly a dating site, MeetUp.com is still a great way to make friends and maybe even find love. MeetUps are different groups based on interests (say small dogs or board games) that meet regularly to engage and develop lasting relationships. There are groups dedicated to singles, which means people can meet up at bars or other fun venues to meet and mingle without the pressure of a one on one date. If you strike up a conversation at the bowling alley with your future husband or wife, you will already have something to talk about and a great story to tell the grandchildren. Sign up for free on MeetUp.com, list a few of your interests, and the website will show you dozens of groups in your area that you may want to check out.


This mobile dating app is one of the newer and more popular way for singles (especially younger ones) to find each other. The free app – which is available for both iPhone and Android – has over 33 million members and acts more like a social network than a traditional dating site. Create a free profile and immediately start searching for cuties in your city – some of whom want a relationship and some who just want a casual encounter. While some people tire of Zoosk and would rather use a casual dating app in order to avoid the dreaded long-term scenario, this app actually useful for both types of people. Just remember it’s on smartphones only, so if you’re rocking a flip-phone, you’re out of luck.

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